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Explore the pulse of global mission with ’God on the Move’—a Lausanne Movement podcast dedicated to uncovering and celebrating inspiring mission stories from the global church. Join us as we delve into the heart of God’s work worldwide, aiming to ignite a passion for the Great Commission within you. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and propelled into faithful obedience alongside believers from every corner of the earth.

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Markus Zeldenrust has a motto: "The worst thing you can do is nothing, so do something, anyway." And he acted accordingly: he and his young family left everything to plant a church in a new development area in the Netherlands. In this episode of 'God on the Move', he shares how small semantic tricks have opened the door to sharing the gospel with thousands of children and discusses the challenges of serving Christ faithfully through a church plant.
If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.
Links from the interview: 
Familie Zeldenrust
Article on Reformatorisch Dagblad
Markus Zeldenrust 
Markus has dedicated over two decades to projects focused on community building and outreach, such as Stichting Care, De Schaapspoort, and Het Poorthuis. He has also been actively involved in youth initiatives, notably with Youth for Christ's Diverse City program, while playing key roles in fostering inter-church collaboration through initiatives like Binnenstebuiten/Serve the City, an annual interdenominational volunteer day. Markus's journey began with studies in Social Pedagogical Assistance at Hogeschool Ede, followed by a Young Workers' Training at De Wittenberg Bible School.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

In this episode of 'God on the Move,' Alison Kolosova delves into the rich history of the Chuvash people, highlighting the remarkable impact of God's movement facilitated by the collaborative mission efforts of the British and Foreign Bible Society and the Russian Orthodox Church within this Turkic community.
Links from Interview: 
British and Foreign Bible Society
Alison Kolosova
British-born Alison Kolosova has lived in Chuvashia, Russia since the 1990s, where she has been actively engaged in music, choir directing, youth work, and prison ministry within an Orthodox parish. Currently based at the University of Tartu in Estonia, her research interests encompass the history and contemporary practice of Orthodox mission, particularly in Russia's Volga region, as well as Orthodox theology and ecclesiology.

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

In this episode of 'God on the Move,' journalist Joel Forster explores the journey of the online magazine Evangelical Focus, dedicated to illuminating current cultural, societal, and political topics through the lens of evangelical Christianity. He delves into the challenges and opportunities inherent in bringing the Truth to thousands of readers daily in a European society characterized by secularization and post-truth.
Links from interview: 
Evangelical Focus
Joel Forster
Joel Forster is a journalist and the director of EvangelicalFocus.com, an English-language news website that provides a Christian perspective on current issues in Europe. Holding a journalism degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Joel is also a co-author of two books. Since 2008, he has been a writer for the Spanish-language daily news website Protestante Digital. Currently residing in Valencia, Spain, Joel shares his home with his wife and two daughters.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

In this episode of 'God on the Move,' Akshay Rajkumar discusses his experience as a church planter and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition India. He openly shares insights into the transformative power of the gospel, bringing healing to families and marriages through the discipline of repentance.
Links from Interview: 
The Gospel Coalition India
Akshay Rajkumar
Akshay studied literature at Delhi University and theology at Singapore Bible College. He is an author, publisher, and founding pastor of a church called Redeemer. He was born in Chennai and grew up in New Delhi, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

In this episode of “God on the Move,” Thomas Frovin discusses the rising spiritual interest among the Danish people. Despite widespread secularization in Denmark and central Europe, new trends indicate an openness to various faiths, creating a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with those from a secular background.
Thomas Frovin
Thomas Frovin serves as a pastor at Apostle Church (Apostelkirken, in Danish), a Church of Denmark building located in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Frovin holds a BA in History and Eastern European Studies, with prior experience in church work in Albania and Peru. Ordained as a priest in 2022, he served as a project leader in “I Mesterens lyd,” aimed at connecting the church with the emerging spiritual world. Thomas contributes to spirituality through articles, opinion pieces, and books, including “Ånd og Arvegods,” published in 2022.
Despite Apostelkirken being his first pastoral position, Thomas brings two decades of experience engaging in religious dialogues, both domestically and internationally.

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

Doctor Daniel Kyungu Tchikala, in this episode of "God on the Move," highlights the universal need for social interaction and stresses the pivotal role of the global church in fostering intimate connections for agape (unconditional love) to flourish. This profound love has the potential to rejuvenate individuals globally, transcending geographical boundaries—from Southern California to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where disability presents formidable challenges.
If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.
Links from the interview:
 Article: When Disability Meets Agape
Daniel Kyungu Tchikala
Daniel Kyungu Tchikala is a pastor, university educator in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and a doctoral candidate specializing in human resource management and the professional integration of individuals with disabilities. His current research for his doctoral thesis centers on the critical topic of professional inclusion for people with disabilities, driven by his personal experience as a person with a disability. Dr Kyungu is part of the Lausanne Disability Concerns Network, which is committed to strengthening and multiplying disability leaders globally.
Dave DeuelDave Deuel (PhD) is senior research fellow emeritus for the Joni Eareckson Tada Disability Research Center. Dave is also academic dean emeritus for the Master’s Academy International. He currently serves as a catalyst for the Disability Concerns issue network and is the chairperson for the New York State Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

In this episode of God on the Move, Nathan Hoppe talks about his journey of becoming a missionary in the Orthodox Church in Albania. Coming from an evangelical background, he shares how we can deal with interdenominational tensions and pray for each other. Further, he highlights the importance of family in ministry and how healing can happen despite death.
Links from the interview:
Book: Lynette's Hope: The Witness of Lynette Katherine Hoppe
Nathan Hoppe
Dr Nathan Hoppe was born in Colombia, the son of Evangelical Protestant missionaries from the United States. Today, he is a member of the Orthodox Church and lives with his family in the Albanian capital, Tirana, teaching at the Resurrection of Christ theological academy and leading the archdiocesan children’s ministry team.
He is also a member of the Orthodox Church’s international dialogues with the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion.
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Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

In this episode of God on the Move, Alayu Dubale talks about the ministry of Global Call and their threefold strategy to serve as God’s hands and feet for the churches of Africa. He shares how thousands of people turn to Christ despite severe persecution and how Tertullian’s famous words ring true in Ethiopia and surrounding countries.
Links from the interview:
Global Call
Alayu Dubale: Alayu Dubale, Yegile Mengistie, and their five children have been serving the African churches for the last 28 years, planting churches, making disciples of all nations, and raising emerging leaders. Following the moving of Alayu, his wife Yegile and their 5 kids to the USA, Global Call was established in 2015 and uses a holistic approach to train the indigenous leaders to put the gospel into practice so that all of life in the village will be transformed. Alayu has received a BTH from Evangelical Theological College, Ethiopia and an MBA in International Business from Greenwich University, London.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

In this episode of God on the Move, Indra BM shares his story as a church planter and pastor in Nepal, talking about the challenges and opportunities Christians face in this predominantly Hindu country. While the pressure on Christians is again rising in Nepal, the church is still growing.
Indra Budha Magar
Indra BM is a pastor and church planter in Nepal. He joined a ministry in 2001 and has been working in student ministry ever since. His main ministry focus has been digital mission, evangelism, discipleship and church planting. He is married and has two children.
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Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

In this episode of God on the Move, Lily Chia founded Land of Promise, a Minecraft server, tells her story of how she aims to share the gospel message within the user community of the most historically popular video game to bring the Kingdom of God to a pixelated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain, engaging with over 300 million players.
Links from the interview:
Be a part of the Land of Promise family
Lily Chia
Lily served with her local ministry for about 20 years with youths, creatives and children. Her heart is in discipling the next-Gen. She spent 25 years in the creative industry running her own business. Since 2020, she has stepped down to serve the LORD in reaching out to the next-gen using creatives and technology.  Her heart is to create and explore new frontiers to engage and disciple the next-gen. She is currently developing a metaverse in Minecraft, building biblical landscapes such as the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem in the first century to experience the bible come alive. She has been invited to speak on topics of gaming and engaging the next-gen using Minecraft.
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